1. Decide how long you want your curtains. Do you want to just barely touch the floor or “puddle on the floor”?

2. Hang your Draperies as close to the ceiling as possible. Leave about an inch between the ceiling and the rod.

3. Your curtains should complement the furniture in the room. You need to choose what you want to be the “star” in your room. If you want the to be the curtains than tone down the furniture and flooring in the room or vice versa.

4. You can have 2 items on a window. If you like the more formal look you can opt for both blinds and curtains.

5. Decide how much light you want to allow in the room. Slated blinds or shutters allow you to control amount of light a room gets, while shades don't let much light in.

6. Make sure draperies are full enough. If you are buying ready-made then get them two to two and a half times wider than the window you are covering.

7. Use blackout treatments in bedrooms. Unless you don’t like to sleep in.

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