Purchasing a sofa can be intimidating however here are some tips to help you.

One thing is for certain...

you should always go sit in a few sofas so you can see how they feel !

1) FUNCTION- How will you use the space? In a family room, an attached chaise and deep cushions are great for curling up but if you are going to use the sofa for entertaining and not for watching TV you may want to consider something more tailored.

2) SOFT OR FIRM?- Soft is more relaxing but you might have to keep plumping up the pillows. Firm can take the wear and tear better than soft but not as comfortable.

3) FABRIC CHOICE- Is it a main focal piece or more of a background piece? If it is a focal point you may chose a bolder fabric design. If it is a "supporting-player" you may pick a more neutral fabric.

4) STYLE- Do you like the sleeker, low arm and back sofa or the higher arm and back more traditional look sofa? The higher the arm the more you will feel cradled in it.

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