1. What can I afford to spend?

Your budget and expectations need to match up! You need to have a realistic outlook on the process and set benchmarks for all the stages. Your budget will dictate what you can afford to do. Expecting to get something more than you can afford can become a problem. DO NOT underestimate the cost of a renovation. Sometimes there are hidden costs that are not known until you tear down or open up that wall so there always needs to be a contingency fund set aside to deal with those items!

2. You do not have enough $ to do everything at one time?

Where should you focus if you cannot afford to do everything at once? "A good rule of thumb” is that kitchen and bathrooms bring the biggest return on your investment. However, first impressions are very important so you should not neglect entryways and ceilings So, keep these items at the top of your list if you have limited funds.

3. Why should I hire pros?

Plumbing and electrical should be left to the pros, and always look into permitting and city codes before you start any renovation. Failing to follow the rules of construction in your state can lead to major personal and financial headaches. Hiring an interior designer can often save you money if they have ideas that might not cost you as much money as you, on your own would have thought of. I pass down my designer discounts to my clients. That can save my clients a lot of money.

4. Who do I hire?

Relationships are very important. It is your intimate personal space! While you're evaluating prospects, ask a contractor if they are licensed. Referrals are your best resource so check them out on sites like to see what your neighbors are saying! I have a team of contractors and architects that I regularly work with and so I know that their work is up to par. If work is not done correctly and has to be redone, this can cost you time and money. Having it done correctly the first time can save you a lot of headaches in the end and also get the project completed on time!

5. Which rooms do I redo first?

This is a very individual question. It's not only about what will add value to your home but also about prioritizing your desires. If you love to cook than the kitchen is important to you! An interior designer will not only bring style to a kitchen, but will also bring the function to it. The design has to meet the needs of each family in order for it to be successful. If your bedroom is important to you and dream of having a master suite than that should be a priority etc! An interior designer can help you prioritize if you cannot choose.

Contact us to start the process so that we can help you “make your house into a home!” K Webber Designs

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