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Everything You Need From A-Z


Pre-Construction Consultation is one of the services K Webber Designs is best known for. For an impressive space that makes an impression, contact K Webber Designs to find out what they can bring to your project.


​Our goal is to reflect your lifestyle in a way that expresses your personal tastes.  We work with you and the contractors to create a beautiful environment that is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Here is a sampling of what Interior Designer Services we offer!

  • Space planning. Layout and Floor Plans

  • Color Palettes

  • Finish and Material Selection

  • Decorative Fabric and Trims

  • Furniture  Selection

  • Upholstery Fabric Selection

  • Complete Room Planning

  • Paint Consultation

  • Wall Paper, Paint and Faux Finishes

  • Floor Coverings, Carpeting & Area Rugs

  • Lighting Plans

  • Window Treatments

  • Project Management 

What should you expect to spend?

That is entirely up to you to decide. Do you want to start with one room or your entire home?  Does your room need a simple touch up like new window treatments, carpeting and coordinating paint, or are you ready for an entire home makeover?  If you are unsure about what it will cost, we will be happy to give you an eyeball estimate for the entire design.

Staging Services

​Walk-Through Consultation Only

Most home staging starts with a walk-through consultation.  During this time, we provide recommendations that can transform your home.  We compile an extensive checklist, which details actions we’ve discussed.  We will also supply you with vendor recommendations.  You can use this service to just clean up and refresh the home you live in OR to obtain the best price for your home when you put it up for sale.

​Hands on Staging Services

This service is where we do the work.  It is meant to focus on the tasks that are necessary to get the home in premiere showing condition or to just renew your current home.  The hours can be used to de-clutter, organize, and rearrange furniture, art and accessories.     

​By rearranging your existing furnishings, we give your home a whole new look and feel.   The consultation begins with a walk-through of your home.  We will give you ideas for organizing, updating, paint color, flooring, fabric selection, lighting and proper furniture and accessory placement.  We may recommend furniture or accessory purchases, which we will be happy to assist with.


K Webber Designs accommodates whatever fee method is easiest for you. Some people prefer to work on an hourly fee basis; others prefer to do a percentage over cost and on the larger projects we can do a fixed flat rate. Sometimes it ends up being a combination of all of the fee methods.

Personal checks and major credit cards are accepted.